Teaching and Coaching Boxers Book. V.N. Ostyanov





The book is written by Ukrainian author Valentyn Ostyanov, using many years of research in boxing, as well as the practical work as a trainer and lecturer at the Ukrainian University of Physical Culture and Sports. It would be of interest to practicing coaches, lecturers in sports studies, scientists, and sportsmen. In Ukraine, it was recommended by Ministry of Education to study in Sports education institutions.

The book includes:

– basics of teaching and training boxers (from beginners to elite groups);

– methods and sequences of teaching boxing techniques (including combinations of technical / tactical exercises);

  •  means and methods in attaining specialized physical fitness in boxers
  • practical ways of developing physical qualities, including combinations of exercises;

– development and improvement of motor skills of athletes;

– planning  and  organizing of yearly training cycles (for elite boxers), including detailed schedules of the Ukrainian team’s training.




Dmitry Sosnovsky – Senior Trainer of Ukrainian National boxing team in 2004 – 2019, the Best Trainer of the World 2011:

“The successful performance of a team is ensured by the coordinated work of the Federation and coaches. For over 30 years, the author of this book has been a coach and scientific consultant to the Ukraine National Boxing Team. He participated in preparing the team for six Olympic Games.

No aspects of training are insignificant, especially when training the elite. Each technical, tactical, and physical exercise takes its place in the overall system of training, in each microcycle, or large cycle.

The scientific and methodological developments, as well as the practical experience of the author, are described in the proposed publication.”

Adam Kosior – the Head of AIBA Coaches Comission, President of Polish Boxing Association: .

“Mr Ostyanov, using his experiences of working for the Ukraine National boxing team and the Kazakhstan National Boxing team, has taken part in creating the first manual for AIBA (The International Boxing Association). Some sections of this online manual for boxers and trainers overlap with the chapters of this book offered by the author. The book contains data regarding the planning of the boxers’ training, development of training, and the maintaining of fitness. Mr Ostyanov is a current instructor of the AIBA courses and has been a member of the AIBA coaching commission since 2002.”


About the Author

Valentyn Ostyanov graduated from Lviv State University of Physical Culture in 1969. From 1970, he then worked at the University as a lecturer in Fencing, Boxing and Martial Arts Department. From 1975 to 1978 he did postgraduate studies at the Central Institute of Physical Education in Moscow, now the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth, and Tourism. He completed a PhD in Pedagogical Sciences in 1982. From 1985 to 1989, he held the post of Head of Graduate Studies, becoming an Associate Professor for the University in 1990. Valentyn is a member of the AIBA coaching commission and certified AIBA instructor. As a member of the coaching team, the author has been responsible for preparing the Ukrainian National Team for six Olympic Games (XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII, XXIX, XXX, XXXII), and now works as a scientific consultant for the Ukrainian National Team. From 2014-2016 he lived in Kazakhstan. In the first year he led coach training courses and in the second year he took part in the preparation of the National Team of Kazakhstan for the Olympics (XXXI).

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